Bupa Podcasts: Mental Health at home and at work


Bupa has teamed up with clinical psychologist Dr Bill Mitchell to record a series of podcasts around mental health in support of World Mental Health Day (10 October).

The podcasts focus on the importance of mental health, how to support a child’s mental health and supporting a colleague in the workplace.

Dr Bill Mitchell said: “If work is working for you, if you feel in control and enjoy what you’re doing, it can give a huge boost to our wellbeing, purpose, and sense of identity. If work turns against us in some way and gets out of control or affects the balance of our lives, it can undermine our wellbeing, both physically and psychologically.

"If a manager can keep in mind the external realities affecting their teams, the internal pressures that people put on themselves and how well people are maintaining their own personal systems which buffer themselves from these pressures, then they can help keep people in a good state to manage their mental wellbeing and perform in their work."

The podcast series includes:

1. Mental health at work: how to support a colleague with mental health in mind

A conversation with Dr Bill Mitchell about the most important factors to remember around how to support a colleague who may be struggling with their mental health at work, including some of the early signs to spot.

2. Mental health at work: how to be a supportive manager with mental health in mind

A conversation with Dr Bill Mitchell about the essentials of what a manager needs to keep in mind to support their team’s mental health and wellbeing and what they can do to help make sure people are supported to be at their best.

3. Mental health at home: how to raise your mentally healthy kids

A conversation with Dr Bill Mitchell about some of the really important things parents and carers can do to help make sure their kids stay healthy and happy plus what to do if one of your kids is struggling.

4. Mental health: The importance of balance

Dr Bill Mitchell talks about how maintaining balance in our lives can ensure we stay connected to our purpose and focused on behaviours that promote our wellbeing as well as that of the people around us.


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