Nursing: Elisa's story


Elisa joined Bupa Chile´s Antofagasta Hospital as a Paramedic Technician over 20 years ago. Now a fully qualified nurse, she shares her story of becoming a nurse after so many years and how she’s spent her entire career doing what she loves – caring for children.

“I started my working life as a Paramedic Technician in the Neonatal and Paediatric Units. I worked there for 12 years before deciding to become a nurse and enrolling at the Pedro de Valdivia University.

“It was a scary decision, because I had to manage studies alongside working at the hospital. It meant long days and lots of weekends working, which was hard with two small children myself” explains Elisa.

It was even harder during her fifth year of studies. Elisa had to leave the hospital for a year to gain experience in other nursing areas and worked away from home for periods of time. “It was a hard decision to leave family and my colleagues, but I knew that after my fifth year I’d be able to return and I would have achieved my dream” she said.

Graduating in 2015, and 17 years after first starting at Bupa Antofagasta Hospital, Elisa was welcomed back as a fully qualified nurse. “It was like coming home, I have wonderful colleagues and managers who supported and cheered me on all the way. It made all the sacrifices worth it.

“I was just so happy to be able to return and work alongside my former bosses as one of them – as a fully qualified clinician!” she recalls excitedly.

Elisa has been a fully qualified nurse in the neonatal and paediatric unit for three years now, and has no plans to move on any time soon.

“Caring for children is my passion. I just get so much joy from helping children and their families, being there for them, and going home each day with a feeling that I am making a real difference to so many lives.

“I loved my job beforehand, but now I get to be more hands on – getting to administer care to children, but also being there to support the mums and dads. This was the missing link for me and now I couldn’t be happier” said Elisa.




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