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New research reveals correlation between warmer temperatures and a rise in injuries in the UK


According to new research from Bupa Health Clinics over three quarters of us - 40 million adults - have sustained a seasonal injury as a result of spending more time outdoors during the summer months.

  • 40 million Brits suffer from ‘Great Outsores’ trend
  • Sprains, broken bones and sun damage top Britons’ summer health fails
  • A fifth of summer injuries are caused playing garden games

Dubbed the ‘Great Outsores’, almost a fifth (19%) of summer injuries are caused while playing garden games with friends and family, and two million adults said being too competitive in a game of summer sport has caused injury in the past.

The trend is set to go even further this summer, with a fifth of us feeling inspired to get outside and take up tennis and football following Wimbledon and the football World Cup. However, Bupa Health Clinics experts are urging Britons to take the necessary precautions to avoid ending up hurt this summer.

Dr Luke Powles, GP, Bupa Health Clinics, says: “Being in the UK on a warm summer’s day is one of the best places to be and it’s great that so many of us enjoy the great outdoors. However, it’s important that we take the necessary precautions during the summer months. A friendly game of sport could become much more serious if someone hasn’t been active for a while and jumps straight in.“

Common summer fails

The research also revealed the nation’s most common summer health fails. Outside of the typical issues of allergies, stings and bites, other avoidable injuries driven by the Great Outsores include:

  1. Sunburn
  2. Sprain
  3. Muscle and ligament tears
  4. Broken bone
  5. Burn

Further findings in the research, which polled 3,000 adults, found that despite all of the summer health fails that Britons suffer, two-thirds (66%) think they are more likely to pay attention to health and fitness in warmer months.

Dr Luke Powles, GP, Bupa Health Clinics, adds: “The summer is a great time to look after your health. As we leave behind the winter cover ups, it prompts half of us (53%) to think about our weight and getting in shape, while one in 10 are encouraged to look for a mole that might need checking.

“For others (15%), showing more flesh makes us more motivated to get a skin condition looked at. This is supported by our booking statistics which shows a peak in dermatology appointments during August 2017.”

When it comes to being safe in the sun, there are also potential health risks to be aware of. Almost three-quarters (73%) of Britons don’t always apply sunscreen in the UK and a third (31%) said they are more relaxed about applying it when they are in the garden at home, versus on holiday abroad.

Dr Stephanie Munn, Dermatologist, Bupa Health Clinics, says: “There is a belief that the sun in the UK can‘t damage our skin, but this isn‘t true. Sunburn can cause our skin to age prematurely and is also a key cause for skin cancer.”

“We should all protect ourselves against the sun’s rays regardless of whether we’re pottering around in the garden or sunning ourselves on a beach break."

About the research

The research surveyed 3,000 people over the age of 16 and was commissioned by Bupa Health Clinics and carried out by Censuswide in April 2018.


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