United Kingdom,

The Zero Effect – marathons and healthy eating plans replace the stereotypical sports car

Our research found turning 30, 40 or 50 pushes millions of Britons into a lifestyle overhaul, with taking part in a Tough Mudder style event, a 10k run or marathon replacing the stereotypical convertible sports car, that marks a milestone birthday.

The research by Bupa Health Clinics reveals a fifth (20%) of women, see a milestone birthday as an opportunity to reassess all areas of life and think about what’s really important, adopting a new healthy eating plan (67%) and joining the gym (48%).

For men, becoming a vegan (24%) and signing up to a competitive event (31%) seems to be key indicators of a midlife turning point – motivated by more than one in 10 feeling the need to get fitter to keep up with a younger partner (6%) and wanting a new challenge (5%). Read the full story here.

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