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From care assistant to home manager: Tammy New shares her journey


Tammy started working at our Thatcham Court Care Home as a Care Assistant 10 years ago. After a brief career change, she realised working in care was her true passion. She’s since worked her way up to become Home Manager of the very home she started out at, all those years ago. Here Tammy shares her story.

“In August 2008, I walked through Thatcham Court’s doors wearing my surf blue uniform complete with my new care assistant badge and started a new journey in my career. When I arrived at Thatcham Court it was a newly-built specialist dementia care home. I had never worked with people living with dementia before, but it was something which interested me.

When I researched Bupa as an employer, I decided it was a good company to join with good career opportunities. I knew I wanted a job in which I’d be able to progress and provide new challenges.

After just a couple of weeks I knew I had found my calling in working with people who are living with the challenges of dementia.

During my time as a care assistant I showed assertiveness and would always be looking for ways to improve things for staff and residents. This was recognised by my managers and I was quickly promoted to Senior Carer. Being promoted allowed me to do even more to help the residents and their family feel comfortable and cared for 24/7.

I ran the dementia floor for three years until a new Home Manager noticed my leadership skills and appointed me to Deputy Manager. The role brought lots of new challenges and I learnt a lot. I felt during this period my leadership skills really developed and I felt more confident in managing large teams and how to get the most out of people.

I remained Deputy Manager for three and half years before deciding to take the plunge and become a Home Manager.

Becoming a Home Manager was never part of my career progression plan as I felt the manager’s role would be office-based and I’d be tied to a desk - when my passion was working alongside staff and residents. But when I discussed this with my Regional Director she helped me realise that a Home Manager role is what you make of it.

My Regional Director noticed I needed a bigger challenge and suggested I provide cover at another care home for a couple of weeks whilst the Home Manager was on holiday. So I moved to Argyles Care Home, and that was the beginning of my journey as a Home Manager.

I remained there for two years and in that time learnt lots of new skills and more about myself as a manager and a person. My Regional Director supported me every step of the way and I also completed my NVQ level 5.

I was then given the opportunity to return to where I started my career all those years ago as a Care Assistant at Thatcham Court – this time as their new Home Manager.

To me this was like returning home – the place where I grew up and where it all started.

Bupa is a company that gives you great opportunities if you want to develop and grow yourself, and will always encourage and support you in doing so. Look where it got me.”