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#BupaPlace: The Bupa Lifers


Bupa has a number of long-serving employees who started their careers here straight out of education and have stayed on, taking advantage of our career progression opportunities.

Our Manchester offices are home to a number of our long-standing employees, who will be celebrating their own personal development as well as Bupa’s as we officially open our new office, Bupa Place in Salford Quays this week. This includes, Dean Langley and Paul Lowth, who are part of a four-strong team with more than 100 years of experience between them.

Dean, Telephony Specialist, has worked at Bupa for 28 years, starting at the age of 17 in an apprenticeship-style role.

“Over the years I have seen a lot of change at Bupa from technology advances and office moves to changes in processes and working practices. As times have changed, Bupa has always adapted, and one example of this is changes to flexible working. I think Bupa Place promotes this flexibility and the importance of work-life balance, which is fantastic for our wellbeing,” Dean said.

Dean’s line manager Paul, Telephony Manager, has worked at Bupa for 23 years. Sharing why he has stayed at Bupa, he says: “Bupa is a great organisation to work for because we are a broad business and have various different functions; there are excellent career progression opportunities and lots of support, both in terms of career and personal. I’ve really enjoyed being involved in the opening of Bupa Place and making sure there isn’t any disruption to service during the move has been a great project to be involved in.”

Bupa lifer Rebecca Pearson, Operations Director, started her career at Bupa 24 years ago on a temporary contract covering maternity leave. She then had the opportunity to move into a permanent role working in insurance before transferring her skills over to care services five years ago.

“Bupa has been a part of my teens all the way through to my 40s, I have grown up here, I have got married and had my two children. It has been an amazing place for me to work and I can honestly say I have never wanted to look for another job because there have always be so many exciting opportunities. Bupa has allowed me to grow and progress my career and supported me along the way with training and development so I have acquired new skills. I feel extremely lucky and proud to work for Bupa, my blood probably runs blue!,” Rebecca said.

Another team with decades of experience between them is the UK acquisitions team. Ruth Chesmore, UK Acquisitions Director, has worked at Bupa for 30 years, while her Personal Assistant Lisa Rodgers has been here for 29 years.

Ruth joined the company straight out of university starting out as a temp. She has worked in various roles across the UK before moving in to acquisitions in 2011, since then Ruth led the transfer of Oasis Dental to Bupa. She says this role has been one of the most fulfilling for her and recalls how overwhelmed she was when her team received recognition for expanding the dental business at the Bupa Global awards. “Attending the awards was one of the most inspiring moments, in terms of seeing the recognition for our people globally and the support from the senior leadership team,” she says.

Looking back on the changes she has witnessed over the years, she says: “We have grown as an organisation in terms of the number of customers, global expansion and the range of services we offer. I am very proud of the difference we make to our customers. Having started in customer services I really got to understand what we do for our insurance customers and you never forget that, I still remember people I spoke to 10 - 15 years ago.”

Lisa was 19 years old when she joined Bupa, and says she has had the privilege of being involved in a variety of projects. She cites a number of positive changes including improved communications and investment in employee training tools. She says what has kept her at Bupa is the career support and recognition it provides, as well as great personal support.

“Unfortunately between 2007 and 2009 I was diagnosed and treated for a serious illness. The support I received at that time from both my immediate manager, executive team and several of the wider business functions was second to none,” she says. “I will always be eternally grateful to them for their support during that time.”

Bupa Place will be officially opened on Thursday.


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